The use of artificial intelligence tools to improve processes in the medical services industry


Artificial intelligence in medical services has unlimited potential. Until recently, however, the implementation of AI required huge financial outlays, so its use was limited. Thanks to the development of cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure, artificial intelligence has become more accessible, even for companies without research and development capabilities. Which AI tools should you start with? What processes in medical services can be improved with the help of artificial intelligence? What is the future of AI in healthcare? You will find out in this webinar.

When talking about artificial intelligence in medical services, we are talking about complex algorithms designed to perform specific tasks in an automated manner. Algorithms can analyse, interpret and suggest solutions to complex medical problems by using data provided by patients, clinicians and scientists. In medical diagnostics, drug development, clinical trials, pain relief and patient outcomes improvement, there are many areas for the use of AI in healthcare.

During the webinar, Krzysztof Nogięć, Azure architect in the ANEGIS team, will show how companies from the medical services industry can use Microsoft Azure tools in the area of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Participants in the webinar will find out:

  • How anonymous patient test data can improve future diagnostic outcomes.
  • How artificial intelligence accelerates the laborious processes of medical documentation processing.
  • How to create an intelligent classification of patients and diagnose potential patients faster.
  • How to automatically detect anomalies in medical images (ultrasound, X-ray, tomography, etc.).
  • What innovative methods of using artificial intelligence in medicine have appeared in recent months.
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