Business Now: Factory of the Future


The latest edition of Microsoft Factory of the Future showcases digital technologies that drive industry 4.0: mobile tools connecting the virtual and real worlds, as well as IT solutions that address how to prepare production so that it is flexible and resistant to sudden, global and local changes? We invite you to the Factory of the Future webinar organized by Microsoft with the participation of ANEGIS and partners.

During the webinar Business Now: Factory of the Future, Krzysztof Langner, CSO of ANEGIS, will present proven solutions from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and new modules for Dynamics 365 designed by ANEGIS, which support processes from demand forecasting, through procurement, production and sales planning, to the allocation and settlement of costs.

The solutions will include:

  • Maintenance module that transforms reactive maintenance into predictive maintenance, reducing downtime on production lines and equipment maintenance costs
  • Cost allocation and settlement module for automating labor-intensive processes of allocation and settlement of costs
  • Azure Machine Learning and Power BI tools supporting decision-making with advanced data analysis and visualization

Other solutions for the manufacturing industry will also be presented by:

  • Paweł Popławski - Senior Manager Engineering & Facilities, Avon
  • Dariusz Karwasiński - Board Member, Ilabo
  • Łukasz Horodecki - Architect, Andea
  • Kamil Stryczek - Business Development Manager, 3Soft
  • Przemysław Kosek - AR Business Development Director, Apzumi
  • Łukasz Grala - CEO, TIDK

We invite you to the Factory of the Future webinar for Industry 4.0 solutions and scenarios supporting production planning, quality control, maintenance, distribution and budget optimization.

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