What is the 4th industrial revolution and how to be part of it with the help of Azure cloud


The 4th Industrial Revolution – after harnessing steam, mechanising and electrifying industry, programming production controllers and computers – networks and digitises all elements of the industrial infrastructure. Such a cyber-physical system, in which people, machines and programs communicate with each other and processes are automated, is the mark of Industry 4.0. What technological solutions does the 4th Industrial Revolution provide? What role does the Azure cloud play in it? How can you benefit from the concepts of Industry 4.0? We invite you to the webinar.

Cloud computing, Internet of Things, business analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning – these technologies support the development of companies that join the 4th Industrial Revolution. Their skilful implementation streamlines processes, opens the way to recruiting employees with new competencies and generates appropriate responses to the increasingly individualised needs of customers.

During the webinar, Marcin Guz, Azure architect at ANEGIS, will talk about the four turning points in the history of industry, will suggest how to begin the path of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 and will point to technologies which are worth implementing to start the industrial revolution on your own micro-scale.

Participants in the webinar will find out:

  • What the first three Industrial Revolutions led to.
  • What changes the 4th revolution brings.
  • What technologies are used to tear down the man-machine barrier.
  • What tools the 4th revolution offers on the Azure platform.
  • What the flexibility of the Azure cloud has to do with Industry 4.0.
  • How companies are actually revolutionising.
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