Migration of data centres to the Azure platform


On-premises, hybrid or cloud? Each option uses a set of resources, which when changing the model requires moving and adapting to the new environment. Transfer and adaptation of resources takes place during the migration process, which involves a number of challenges. Is it worth considering the cloud model? What are the challenges and how should you prepare for them? We invite you to webinar about migration to Azure.

Microsoft Azure offers a set of cloud services which, thanks to their scalability and flexibility, create almost unlimited possibilities for building new structures, testing solutions and implementing them safely. Cloud projects are associated with challenges, yet these can be addressed by developing an appropriate strategy.

During the webinar Marcin Guz, ANEGIS team Azure solutions architect, will talk about the tasks that need to be undertaken by those migrating to the cloud, as well as the benefits of their implementation.

Participants in the webinar will find out:

  • What to pay attention to before making a decision on migration to the cloud.
  • What challenges await on the way to the cloud.
  • What the process of data migration to the cloud looks like.
  • What Azure offers in the way of resource security.
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