On-premises vs cloud computing – two approaches to maintaining IT infrastructure


Cloud computing infrastructure offers solution flexibility and cost savings. That's why providers of the cloud model are seeing an increase in the popularity of their solutions. On the other hand, on-premises, or local infrastructure, gives the company a level of control that is difficult to find in the cloud. So, is it worth moving to the cloud? What are the pros of on-premises? The webinar will answer your questions.

Choosing an IT infrastructure for your business is not easy - an organisation must consider many factors before deciding to develop infrastructure on-premises or move it to the cloud. Data security, ease of use, maintenance costs - these are just a few of the considerations. To decide well, it is worth knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the available IT solutions.

During the webinar, Marcin Guz, Azure architect at ANEGIS, will present these two approaches to enterprise IT infrastructure: on-premises and cloud; he will point out how they differ and what are the benefits of implementing each of them.

Participants in the webinar will find out:

  • What is the on-premises model and what challenges does it bring to maintaining local IT infrastructure.
  • How to use cloud computing in your daily work, and how it can be a hindrance.
  • What the Azure cloud offers companies.
  • How to optimise IT infrastructure costs in the company by choosing an appropriate maintenance model.
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