Introduction to Azure: Archiving Data in Azure. Securely storing enterprise data in the cloud


Personal data, analytics, customer data – this is of key value and a strictly protected area of any business. With high-speed Internet connections, it can be easily archived and managed in the cloud. How can it be done in Microsoft Azure conveniently and without spending on IT infrastructure? How much does it cost? And is it safe? We will share our knowledge about storing data in the cloud during the webinar.

The Azure cloud offers virtually infinite storage and processing capacity. With little investment in time and IT, you can use it on different devices, synchronise data and administer data from anywhere with Internet access. Before you entrust your data to the cloud, get to know its capabilities.

During the webinar, Krzysztof Nogieć, Azure architect at ANEGIS, will introduce the world of data storage and processing in the cloud, show its advantages and disadvantages and suggest how to wisely manage access to data in the cloud space.

Participants in the webinar will find out:

  • What data can be stored in the Azure cloud.
  • What are the types of containers for data in the cloud.
  • How much it costs to store data in the cloud.
  • Why it is worth moving rarely used archive data to the cloud and how to do it while minimising costs.
  • How to manage user access rights to your resources.
  • What data security in the cloud looks like.
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