The use of Azure Computer Vision in services and business processes


Computer image recognition is a field that is developing rapidly. The technical capabilities of cameras and video cameras and the computing power of applications analysing data, based on machine learning, are increasing. Azure Computer Vision has many thousands of concepts that provide the basis for the recognition of objects in photos and videos. Welcome to the webinar about Computer Vision.

For quality control of products on the production line; for facial recognition in security systems; for the detection of illnesses in medicine; and for recognising and collecting information about objects in everyday life. New techniques in computer image recognition find more and more applications, because they enable the collection and analysis of an incredible amount of information about people, objects and processes.

In 2021, 1 billion devices equipped with computer vision will power monitoring systems, according to analysts from IHS Markit. And this is only a fraction of the ways computer vision technology is used.

During the webinar, Krzysztof Nogieć, an architect of Azure solutions from the ANEGIS team, will explain how image recognition works, talk about the various possibilities of computer vision tools and show how they can be used in business processes.

Participants in the webinar will find out:

  • What the algorithm of image analysis and content extraction is in the Computer Vision service and how it works.
  • What the advantages are of using Computer Vision services in the Azure cloud.
  • What you can use image analysis and content extraction for.
  • In which business scenarios Computer Vision is already applicable.
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