Food and beverage ERP software

Food and beverage ERP software

Solution overview

The ANEGIS solution for food companies helps businesses achieve compliance, efficiency and quality requirements. Use robust tools to create and manage recipes and formulas and accurately address catch weight within the enterprise resource planning system. With strong core functionality to handle stock purchasing, traceability, logistics, trade and finance, Dynamics 365 for Food offers the perfect balance of efficiency and compliance.

With Dynamics 365 for Food, your business can...

  • Assign user-defined quality statuses to prevent specific batches from being processed into production
  • Assign characteristics to batches including expiration and best-before dates, fat and moisture rates
  • Track and trace produce with complete visibility of all raw materials and semi-products through all stages of the supply chain, using automated, electronic processes
  • Register and monitor customer and vendor specific best-before dates and ensure that products are picked based on the shortest expiration date of delivery (FEFO)
  • Improve delivery productivity with support for static and ad hoc routes, load sequencing, route optimisation, distribution centres and vendor-managed inventory
  • Integrate processes across departments – purchasing, production, sales, accounting – maintaining cost control on all commodities at critical supply chain points
  • Adjust formulas dynamically based on predefined ratios and scaling and set qualitative and quantitative lot and product attributes that can be inherited by the finished item
  • Plan and track co-products and by-products and credit costs and burdens to the finished items
  • Use integrated Power BI, the industry-leading business intelligence solution, to monitor and analyse production costs for each component of multi-level formulas and recipes

Optimise production scheduling

Manual production scheduling is prone to error and inefficiency. With the automated capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Food, producers can now ensure maximum yields from available raw materials.

Errors are avoided and schedule changes are handled efficiently with minimum downtime for cleaning and changeover. Multiple production strategies can be executed including configure-to-order, assemble-to-order, make-to-stock and make-to-order. The built-in flexibility enables agile adjustment to changes in demand.

Reduce costs

With advanced shelf-life tracking and planning tools you can distribute inventory in optimal sequence and eliminate waste.

The ability to monitor operations at a detailed level, tracking material usage and yields, allows you to maximise capacity as well as rapidly optimise product mix to meet changing demand. Critical decision making is enhanced with the sophisticated predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities of the Microsoft platform to control costs and maintain margins.

"Based on our cooperation, we confirm the experience, professionalism and realibility of ANEGIS employees. We recommend this vendor as a reliable business partner."
Ewa Franczak
"ANEGIS provided excellent support for our Dynamics AX Parent Company finance installation. Their consultants are top quality, highly effective professionals."
Marie Capes
Director of Finance and Administration, WPP London
"ANEGIS’ commitment and reliable approach were a key factor in our decision to work with them, and they continue to deliver in an effective and timely mannner."
Neil Hammond
IT Director, BUUK Infrastructure
"Our go-live was successful! Thank you to all of you. Let me repeat that I am really thankful!"
Dr. Rick Dannert
Project Manager, New Yorker
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