ANEGIS hosts Synergy Days 2018 free ERP workshop


LONDON, UK, June 20, 2018 – ANEGIS is hosting a free workshop for manufacturing enterprises to better understand the process of selecting business management IT solutions. The workshop is part of Synergy Days 2018, a series of meetings, running June 26-29, organised by Synergy Poland.  

The meetings will be led by experienced consultants and engineers involved in the system implementation process. Based on extensive research of over 100 recent ERP projects, Synergy Days aims to acquaint participants with the knowledge required to choose appropriate IT systems for their business processes. The agenda includes:

See the full agenda here.

Synergy Days 2018 at ANEGIS

When: 29 June. Registration 9.00 am.

Where: Świętego Mikołaja 7

50-125 Wrocław

Language: Polish

About ANEGIS Ltd.

ANEGIS Ltd. are the largest dedicated Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultancy in Europe, based out of offices in the UK and Poland. The founders of ANEGIS have worked together for over ten years, successfully completing many high-profile ERP projects including one of the world’s largest ever Dynamics AX implementations.  

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About Synergy

Synergy Poland conducts research in the field of IT business management solutions and organises workshops and training sessions for enterprises. Training and educational activities are provided as part of BPC Training Centre.

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